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Note:  This website is currently, under construction. Therefore, we can't provide services. We will keep you updated once, we start providing our services and the announcement will be published on our website. Please do not forget to subscribe to our email list below.

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Nkdigi is a social media influencer and Digital marketing agency, is currently offline and launching soon, our clients will receive the latest updates and notifications, while  using our expertise to get customers and results beyond your expectations.We are certified with  Industry Accreditations  OMCP,  Google, Hubspot, Microsoft, Facebook blueprint,  Bing ads. 

We will provide you with effective  online marketing services for your  organization. You will get a clear overview from us what results to expect. In terms of  costs, we are very flexible as  a small company. We have created different  packages for our customers, allowing you to decide your budget, that meet your expectations. As a  small to medium size business your needs and wants are always changing. We realize this, so our "package deals" offer the flexibility required to reach your target audience  within specific time frame.

We can provide you  recommendations on which digital marketing channels will generate more traffic and sales to your business. If you have experienced your website and social media channels, are not acquiring the traffic and generating more sales, then we will guide you through services that can enhance your  strategy, this will increase your sales and generate more leads for your business.           



Social Media


 Conversion Rate Optimisation

Market Research

Competitor Analysis


Content Marketing

Mobile advertising

Email Marketing

Website Analytics


A/B testing
Keyword Research


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